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Managed Offices

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Core Network Group Managed Office Solutions

We offer flexible, cost-effective and professional connectivity solutions to leading businesses across the UK and we look forward to working with you.

Managed Offices with outdated IT infrastructure is a problem we come across frequently.

Our services offer a full upgrade of your existing infrastructure to bring your tenants high speed broadband connectivity and VoIP solutions.

We will arrange a survey of your building and discuss with you how we can bring in 21st century communications.

With our flexible bandwidth we can suggest a package that meets the current needs of your tenants, with the option to increase bandwidth as requirements change.

Enabling you as a landlord to maximise your income by offering added value services to your tenants.

We can also supply VoIP phones to your tenants so all of their communication needs are covered under one roof.

This is a great way to add value as a landlord and give prospective and existing tenants another reason to choose your managed offices.

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