As our modern day technology evolves every day, businesses are able to work faster and smarter than ever before.

We have seen the introduction of new Full Fibre technology, pushing broadband speeds up to 1000mbps, cloud storage is becoming the norm for businesses to share files and cooperate with one another and computer software requires a strong network connection to perform most every day tasks.

There are still many companies that have not took the time to update their network. Ofcom recently revealed that 4/5 people will not switch networks due to seeing this as a stressful process. Switching networks is seen to be expensive, when in reality, you will save money by making the change. An aging wireless network brings many disadvantages and can often be dragging productivity in your workplace down. Read this guide on common signs that your network is outdated, the effect this is haves on your business and how Core Network Group can help resolve these issues.

Page Errors:

Do you find yourself with constant page errors when using internet in your browser? A slow, unreliable internet connection is the reason for this. This drop in connectivity may only occur for a few seconds but combine this number throughout days, weeks and months and you are already losing a considerable amount of work time. Also, as a consequence, this will cause frustration for your staff, effecting productivity through your workforce. Long loading times is one of the clearest indicators that your network needs upgrading, it is also one of the easiest fixes. Our Core Network Business packages are adapted to you, we will take into account the size of your team, your premises and daily internet usage to offer you a solution where all staff can load pages in near instant times.

IT Team constantly doing maintenance

Is your IT support team constantly kept busy by systems going down and technology crashing? Not only is this wasting time and resources but this is costing you money. Upgrading to a new network eliminates these factors and will save you expense in the long run.


Office Productivity Dropping

Internet plays a core role in many tasks completed on a day to day basis at work, so if your network is falling behind, you may find that your office productivity is dropping too. By not being able to load pages, download documents and send emails quick enough, this will cause a decline in productivity. Think of the time, work and expense that you could be losing due to having slow internet. One of our main goals it co combat this, as we believe businesses should not have to worry about their productivity due to poor internet.


Crashing of your network can leave a devastating impact on your workforce. If your network is down, it will bring all online tasks to a stop, you will not be able to access online storage and this may block customers accessing your service. The reason for your network crashing is either due to an issue with your provider, or your network is not able to handle the amount of data. With severe implications, it is integral that your network is always up and running, which is why at Core Network Group our networks are built to perform. In our Service Level Agreement, we guarantee a 99.9999% uptime for your server, ensuring your internet services will never go down.

Not Integrating with New Technology

Technology is rapidly changing, we have seen the rise of computer/mobile applications, cloud storage and new broadband solutions. Technology is in a completely different place than what it was just a few years ago, so older networks are not designed to function newer technology. If your network was put in place years ago, it is highly likely to be having implications on both hardware and software in your business. By installing the latest technologies and using the latest network solutions, we ensure that your systems will be reaching the best levels of performance.

Speed Issues during Busy Times

Many businesses may experience the issue that their internet is slower during busy times, this is usually caused by the amount of users sharing the internet connection. For a large team of staff each using internet on different devices, data will be shared and each person has a lower amount of data to use. This will bring many consequences as it is integral to be able to perform tasks at the busiest of times. At Core Network Group, our data stays at a consistent speed so there will never be a drop, ensuring you always reach optimum performance with all of your team.

Security Issues

Outdated hardware is not designed to keep up with modern technology, which is a key reason that your network should always be up to date. Any type of cybersecurity issue can leave an impact on your business, whether this is a small virus or a data breach. As security threats become more sophisticated it is integral that your network is maintained, using the best quality hardware and software. Core Network Group use the latest equipment and technologies, minimising any security risks.


Video Conferencing Issues

Video conferencing has become a common form of communication for businesses globally. Often this is used to reach out to customers, host internal meetings or talk to potential clients and prospects. A weak connection may cause you to drop in and out of meetings and could take a toll on your professional relationships. Video conferencing takes an average download speed of 2.2mbps, so if you find that you are struggling to connect, then it is time for an upgrade. At Core Network Group, our lowest packages start from 100mbps, making video conferencing a breeze for your whole team.

Choosing Core Network Group as your provider

Core Network Group are ready to help with upgrading your internet capabilities. We offer cost effective, secure, quick and reliable to all our customers. No matter where you are based or what your business specifications are, we will help you in reaching your business network potential.

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