Moving towards a more sustainable future with fibre optic technology

Full Fibre is quickly becoming the most popular choice of broadband throughout the UK. As well as bringing many benefits to your business, is has eco-friendly advantages when compared to its predecessor. Read our guide covering everything you need to know on how Full Fibre benefits the environment.

Glass Mining/Copper Mining

The manufacturing of Full Fibre optic technology is a key area of where it is more sustainable than Part Fibre. With Full Fibre, the fibre optic cables are made from glass which comes from silicon dioxide. Silicon dioxide is a material than can easily be extracted in an eco-friendly method. With Part Fibre, the copper material needs to be mined from the ground which has a negative effect on our natural landscape. This makes Full Fibre the more sustainable solution.

Energy Consumption

Full Fibre is energy efficient when compared to its copper predecessor. Research has been proven that there is an 80% improvement in energy efficiency compared with existing copper-based services. Further studies also show that with copper networks there is a 70% reduction in transmission energy. This technology will play a huge role in reducing the UK’s carbon footprint as well as energy savings for customers.

Street Cabinets

FTTH technology runs through street cabinets. With new FTTP technology, this transmits straight through to the premises, eliminating any need for street cabinets. Not using street cabinets will be beneficial for the environment as there will be no need for maintenance or drivers travelling to the cabinet.


Full Fibre will eliminate the expense of travel for broadband engineers which will have a great impact on emissions. according to the Centre for Economics & Business Research, Full Fibre could cut 300 million commuter trips and reduce CO2 emissions by an estimated 700,000 tonnes each year.

With Full Fibre, hybrid working is easier than ever. Your employees can connect with your business through cloud storage, VoIP telephone systems and video calls which can be a sustainable solution in opposed to unnecessary travel expenses.

Sustainability with Core Network Group

At Core Network Group, sustainability is part of our core values. If you are looking to upgrade your business broadband, make sure to get into contact with us today for a free consultation.

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