Top tips to fix your connection issues

Are you dealing with issues connecting to your broadband? Read our guide covering quick ways to bring your broadband speeds back up and how we at Core Network can help your business.

Speed test

Speed tests are a quick and easy way to test the average speeds that you are reaching in your premises.

You can do this by simply searching “Speed test” on Google or visiting Make sure to check the average speeds you are paying for your broadband and check your connection is matching this.

Find a good place for your router

Your router is the main hub where your devices connect to, so it is key that this is put in a central location within your premises.

Consider elevating your router onto a higher surface to strengthen your connection. Never place this behind another electronic appliance as this will interfere with the signal.

Use Wi-Fi booster

If your router still seems to be facing issues, purchase a Wi-Fi booster. These boosters can easily connect to your router and be used in different rooms where the signal isn’t as strong.

Boosters are a temporary fix and we advise you to contact us directly if you are struggling with connection in different rooms.

Control bandwidth consuming applications

In the world of streaming, many online applications take up a considerable amount of data.

To make sure all of your bandwidth isn’t being strained on certain applications you can download software which will give you the control to limit speeds. This is an effective way to give more bandwidth to specific applications you need them for.

Keep your network secure

Make sure that your IT network is protected as potential malware and security threats may be affecting your connection.

Use anti-virus software and have an IT team behind your business. If you need IT support, click here.


A simple trick would be to do a factory reset on your router.

Instead of switching on and off, find out how to do a full reset and add your devices back on to your network. This will restore your systems to their initial state which could solve your connection issues.

Avoid network overload

Too many devices stretching your bandwidth is a major cause of slow speeds. If this is an issue you may need to restrict which devices are using your internet for certain activities.

Your bandwidth should be enough for everyone, at CNG our networks can host over 100+ devices so get in touch with us to upgrade.

Get a new router

Your router may be the cause of the issue. Try using a new/different router and monitor how your network performance changes.

You should be able to get a new router form your current provider or through online retailers.

Upgrade your internet network with Core Network Group

If you are still struggling with internet speed issues this may be a sign that is time for an upgrade. Find out more about how Core Network Group can help your business here.

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