New era of telephone systems

Research shows that 1/3 of small businesses are not aware of the upcoming changes to the UK telecoms network.

The Great British Switch Off is the new network update, coming into effect in December 2025 where our country’s traditional phone network will be switched off. The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) service is ran by copper based wiring, this will permanently be switched off and instead, these systems will use fibre-optic based telephony to take calls.

What happens next?

In the lead up to the switch off, the sales of all fibre based telephone solutions will stop being sold by September 2023.
Many businesses may have already made this move but if not, we recommend that you switch before this date!

Benefits of the switch-off

Using internet based solutions to power up your phone systems brings many advantages to your company including:

  • Crystal clear phone quality
  • Take calls on any device
  • Link with business applications including Teams and Zoom
  • Access to cloud storage
  • Lower maintenance costs

Choosing Core Network Group

With the upcoming changes moving your business telephone systems to digital, now is the perfect time to upgrade your network infrastructure. At Core Network Group, we not only power your business with the best broadband connections available, we assist in upgrading all of your workplace systems. From IT support, cloud storage to VOIP solutions, we work with you to ensure you achieve the highest level of productivity in your workforce.

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